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Forging a partnership with Veterinary Professionals

Who are we?

We're part of Quidsi (Diapers.com, Soap.com, Wag.com, YoYo.com, Casa.com), a group of e-commerce sites fixated on one goal: inspiring passion in our customers (check out our history here). Our customers enjoy a broad selection, free 1-2 day shipping, easy-to-navigate sites and award-winning service. This singular focus on the customer has propelled us to become one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in the country.

Why offer prescription medicine?

Our target demographic, busy moms and other professionals, rely on our group of sites for all their daily needs from diapers to paper towels to pet food. Our customers are constantly calling in and thanking us for helping them save the hour or more they can now spend with their kids (and pets!) rather than out running errands.

The one request we've heard repeatedly from our customers is that they want a way to get all their pet supplies online through Wag.com. Pet medications were at the top of that list, and many of our customers resorted to using one of our competitors with a phone number in their name to fill that need.

Wag Customers & Their Vets

When we embarked on completing our value proposition by offering medications, we were told we had one option: undercut veterinary professionals and convince customers that their vet's were overcharging them. Given our unflinching commitment to our customers- and how much they've told us they trust their vets, it seemed like a strange way of doing business.

That's why we decided to forge a new path with VetSource. By including animal hospitals and veterinarians, allowing them to participate in the transaction of prescriptions sold online, we can potentially recapture online sales from those companies who have chosen to undercut veterinary professionals.

If you're thinking- why would this company have any incentive to help veterinarians- you're right to be cautious. Many online businesses are only really concerned about what will make them money, and we absolutely do see benefit in potentially earning your recommendation that will drive your clients who are already going online to our site.

However, our underlying drive in embarking on a path that shares revenues with animal hospitals is the desire to provide the best experience for our customers- who have told us they don't want to sneak around their vet. They've also expressed plenty of concern about where "the other guys'" products come from- and we didn't want to risk our customer's trust by not having absolutely genuine products from manufacturers.

We didn't intentionally pick up the banner for the vet friendly channel, but now that we're here, we'll gladly help lead the charge to a more vet-friendly approach to online prescription sales. You can help us change the online medication market by recommending us to your clients. But we also understand that this is a big step for you to take with a company as new to the vet space like us. So perhaps the best first step is for you to reach out- we'd love to have a conversation: Ajay@wag.com or David@wag.com