The treat encyclopedia. Your comprehensive reference to the best bites for each benefit.
For cleaner teeth & fresher breath
These treats aren't just tasty—they're also designed to clean teeth and prevent the buildup of bacteria that leads to dental disease. Make sure to choose the right size for your pet and to supervise them carefully during consumption to make sure they can easily eat each treat.
For Portion Control
These varieties provide a satisfying snap when eaten, which appeals to your pet's natural predatory instincts. Plus, they're super easy to break into pieces, so you can choose a portion proportional to their size.
For teaching old (& young) dogs new tricks
Often a better option for older pets, or those with oral issues, these soft treats are big on taste and texture. They're also very popular for training, as they can be consumed quickly and won't distract from the task at hand.
exercising chew muscles