A Closer Look At Clumping Cat Litter

Usually billed as “clumping” or “scoopable,” this type of cat litter makes frequent cleaning simple and controls odors well. The litter clumps when exposed to moisture, turning the litter into pellets and making it easy to scoop out of the box. Most owners opt for this type of litter because it's reliable and convenient. And many cats like the feel of the soft clay, making it a happy environment for them. The drawback is that these litters tend to have more dust than other types.

As far as cleaning, it's recommended you scoop out the clumps daily. This will keep the odor in check and your cat happy. The entire litter box should be changed at least weekly and give the box a good wash with soap and warm water before you place fresh litter inside.

Here are more features of clumping litters to consider.

Scents: As the most popular kind of cat litter, clumping products come in a wide variety of scents (natural and artificial) as well as fragrance-free formulations. Consider what scents are appealing to you, but as always, keep in mind that your cat will have the final say. For those cats that prefer fragrance-free litter, experts suggest adding a layer of baking soda to the bottom of the litter to help with odor control.

Multi-Cat: There are special products that cater to homes with more than one cat. The formulation typically features extra-strong absorption and longer-lasting odor control for busy litter boxes. Fresh Step, Tidy Cats, and Arm & Hammer are popular brands that make a multi-cat product.

Low Dust: If allergies or asthma are a concern for your cat, look for dust-free and low-dust products to keep the air and surfaces cleaner for you and your pets.

  1. Owner Tip: Not all scoopable litter clumps in the same way. Some create tighter clumps, which means they won't crumble back into the litter when you scoop—and that leads to cleaner litter boxes and better odor control. Owner Ted Cavanaugh found a litter that met his needs in Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Litter.

    Don't get a new litter box, get new litter! I had a friend coming into town and was going to get a new litter box to try to mask the smell of my cat's litter. I couldn't really find one that fit my tastes so I decided to try to get new litter instead. I've used all of the normal brands you'd find at a big name store. The problem with these litters is that they clump so poorly that when you go to scoop, you end up breaking the ball of urine and you are stuck with obnoxious fumes from the litter box. The other problem is that they rely on weird odors to try to mask their poorly designed litter, so you are either smelling kitty's urine or strong odor. Ever Clean is amazing. I got the odorless kind, and wasn't sure what to expect. Not only is this completely odorless, but it clumps so very, very well. Say goodbye to stinky litter boxes!