A Closer Look At Cat Litter With Odor Control

If your main concern is odor control, you’re not the only one. Cat litters come in all different scents to mask how they smell after the litter box has been used. There are a multitude of products with different scents to choose from: whether you want clumping or non-clumping, for single cats and multi-cat homes. Here are some types to consider.

Febreze: Pet owners who swear by Febreze for their air freshening and cleaning needs can find the same odor-neutralizing ingredients in Fresh Step cat litter.

Baking Soda: Best known for the orange baking soda boxes that can be found in almost every kitchen, Arm & Hammer makes a variety of cat litter products featuring—what else—baking soda. It’s long been a reliable go-to for neutralizing refrigerator odors, so many people count on baking soda for their litter boxes too.

Natural Scents: Brands like World’s Best and Feline Pine have products using pine wood as both an absorbent and antibacterial fiber as well as a natural scent and odor fighter.

If you choose to go the scented route, a test drive is important. Not only for you—you want to make sure it's a scent you'll enjoy in your home—but also for your picky cat. Cats have an especially keen sense of smell. Buy several brands, and put them out side by side to see which option your cat chooses. You won't be able to force a cat into a litter box they dislike, so make the effort to test it out first before committing to a bulk bag.

  1. Owner Tip: If you live in an apartment and don't have the luxury of multiple rooms or floors to place litter boxes, but don't want to leave the litter box in full view for guests, here's a clever solution: an item that hides the box and makes it look like a part of your décor. Owner cat fancier found a solution with Good Pet Stuff's Hidden Litter Box.

    I bought one and then another a few months later. They are easy to assemble and clean. The "pot" finish is authentic looking but the plant and wiry moss are not at all lifelike and tedious to arrange the first time. But my cats (ages 8 and 9) love them, especially the privacy. I have them on small washable area rugs, one on each floor. I had previously bought one of the covered litter boxes you tilt to clean, but it was ugly and did not work well for me as it was smallish and I like to give my cats a deeper bed of clumping litter than was practical for that model.