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Best Puppy Shampoos

Top 10 best-selling products in Puppy Shampoos as voted by Wag.com Million-plus customer base

Check out the cheat sheet for Puppy Shampoos products below. Shampoos, Puppy Shampoos, Conditioners & Detanglers - we have them all! We've got fantastic everyday values across our range of products and a Savings Center that makes it easy to find the stuff on sale this week. Free Delivery offered on most orders. We focus on making life easier for our customers.
1. Earthbath
Puppy - 16 oz
Puppy Cleaning Solution Earthbath Puppy is specially made to give your pooch some special care during bath time. It's a soap-free shampoo made with all-natural ingredients for a gentle wash. The formula is naturally tearless and pH balanced for the young, sensitive skin of puppies. Earthbath Puppy: Mild shampoo for puppies 100% biodegradable pH-balanced formula Safe to be used with topical flea application Earthbath Puppy is gentle, effective and cares for your pet just like you do and gives a luxurious wash that will enhance the texture of a sensitive skin and coat. A Closer Look: Earthb
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  • 2. 8in1
    Perfect Coat Tender Care Puppy Shampoo - 16 oz
    The Right Shampoo for Your Delicate Puppy 8 in 1 Perfect Coat Tender Care Puppy Shampoo is a great product that's made with the special needs of your puppy in mind. It gives your puppy's skin and coat a smooth cleansing and an overall protection in a very delicate way. Its rich lathering and moisturizing features gives your pet the required coat treatment without disturbing the skin's natural oils. 8 in 1 Perfect Coat Tender Care Puppy Shampoo Gentle tearless formula Easy rinse formula Baby powder fragrance The shampoo's mild and tearless formula gives gentle protection to your puppy's c
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  • 3. Four Paws
    Magic Coat Puppy Shampoo - 16 oz
    Gentle Formula for Fluffy and Soft Coat Even if your pet has a sensitive skin, you no longer need to worry about the ideal shampoo to be used. Four Paws Magic Coat Puppy Shampoo is a mild formula that's gentle on your dog's sensitive skin. With aloe vera, this tear-free shampoo gives your pooch a soft and fluffy coat. Four Paws Magic Coat Puppy Shampoo Contains mild and tear-free ingredients Gentle on eyes and skin Adds luster to pooch's coat Can be used on dogs with sensitive skin You can thoroughly cleanse your pooch and keep them fresh and rejuvenated all day long with this formula.
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  • 4. Isle of Dogs Coature
    Puppy Formula Oil Shampoo - Evening Primrose
    A Favorite Oil Shampoo for Puppies Coature Puppy Formula Oil Shampoo is a gentle and mild conditioner specially designed for your puppy's sensitive skin and soft hair. This shampoo adds shine and smoothness to your pet's coat, checks shedding, gets rid of coat dirt, removes excessive oils and prevents dry skin problems. The shampoo has a light fragrance that gives a unique and long-staying freshness. Coature Puppy Formula Oil Shampoo Multiple benefits Easy to apply Nutrient-rich formula The shampoo is easy to apply. Just wet hair, apply the product, lather, rinse and dry. A Closer Loo
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  • 5. Molly Mutt
    Puppy Shampoo - 10 Oz
    Shampoo Filled with Essential Oils and Fragrance Molly Mutt Puppy Shampoo is great for your pet who needs extra care. This shampoo cleanses puppy's skin and balances moisture. It contains peppermint and rosemary oils that are necessary for puppy's skin. A wash with this shampoo can leave a translucent fragrance on your pet's skin. Essential oils present in it can remove bacteria from your pooch's skin. Molly Mutt Puppy Shampoo Balances moisture and leaves a healthy gloss Contains peppermint and rosemary oils Removes dirt and introduces a sweet fragrance Cleanses puppy's skin without making
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  • 6. PawGanics
    PawGanics Puppy Shampoo - 16 ounce
    Introducing the newest additions to the PawGanics Grooming assortment! These new shampoos feature natural, plant based ingredients, carefully formulated to provide the highest level of efficacy with no harsh chemicals or toxins.PawGanics extra gentle Puppy Shampoo features Aloe, Vitamin #, Oatmeal, Chamomile & Sunflower Seed Extract to gently clean and protect delicate skin and coat
    7. PawGanics
    Foaming Shampoo Puppy Formula - 10.8 oz
    PawGanics Foaming Shampoo Puppy Formula -- 10.8 oz.PawGanics Puppy Shampoo's unique instant foam delivery system allows for quick, easy and uniform application. The gentle, tearless formula leaves puppy's delicate coat soft and fluffy. It's formulated with natural plant-based ingredients that are nontoxic and hypoallergenic. It's a fragrance-free formula. It comes in a 10.8-ounce bottle.
    8. Sergeant's
    Fur-So-Fresh Shampoo
    Sergeant's fur-so-fresh 21.8-ounce puppy shampoo.Features include: • Dog shampoo• Gentle formula• Non-irritating to the eyes and skin• Conditions and detangles• Baby powder scent
    9. FURminator
    My FURst Ultra Premium Puppy Shampoo - 16.5 oz
    Gentle Cleaning Formula for Delicate Skin FURminator My FURst Ultra Premium Puppy Shampoo is 100% natural. It's a unique blend of natural ingredients including kava extract, chamomile extract and aloe vera. This formula is safe and gentle on puppy's delicate skin. It's a non-drying shampoo that can keep your pooch fresh and aromatic. FURminator My FURst Ultra Premium Puppy Shampoo Unique blend of natural ingredients Safe and gentle for puppy's delicate skin Leaves puppy smelling fresh and clean Tear-free formula pH balanced A Closer Look: FURminator My FURst Ultra Premi
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  • 10. Cardinal
    Gold Medal Formula 30 - Cardoplex Puppy Shampo
    A Treat for Your Pet Choose Cardinal Gold Medal formula 30 - Cardoplex Mild and Gentle Puppy Shampoo and dry your pet's hair faster. This shampoo is mild and gentle and contains a special ingredient called cardoplex that helps in faster drying off water from your pet's hair. It's a unique blend of fruit acids, vitamins and fast acting proteins. This shampoo is available in a large variety for specific breed types. Cardinal Gold Medal formula 30 - Cardoplex Mild and Gentle Puppy Shampoo Mild and gentle Tearless Puppy Shampoo Tearless Nonirritating Hypoallergenic Concentrate
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