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Top 10 best-selling products in Medications as voted by Wag.com Million-plus customer base

Check out the cheat sheet for Medications products below. Check out the most popular brands: AngelsEyes, DERMagic & CompleteNaturalNutrition. We've got great prices too from $5 on Tear Stain Treatments and $10 on Supplements. Our award-winning customer service take pride in delighting our customers, and do everything they can to ensure that your experience is hassle-free, fun and rewarding.
1. Vetericyn
All Animal Ophthalmic Gel - 1.5 oz
Gel for Infected EyesTreat your pet's infected eye areas easily with Vetericyn All Animal Ophthalmic Gel. It can be used daily to treat burning, stinging, irritation and infection of the eyes. This gel fights bacteria, germs and fungi present in your pets' eyes. Wounds caused in the eye can also be treated with this gel.Vetericyn All Animal Ophthalmic Gel Helps kill bacteria in just 30 seconds Neutral pH level 100 % nontoxic and safe as natural Non sensitizing Treats infection in one single stepThis gel is formulated to eliminate your pet's eye infections.A Closer Look: Vetericy
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  • 2. Marshall
    GoodBye Odor for Small Animals
    Marshall GoodBye Odor for Small AnimalsSafely and naturally stops litter box and bedding odors. Excellent for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets. Just one application a day in your pet's food or water is all you need to get rid of the stink.
    3. Marshall
    Ferret Lax
    Marshall Ferret LaxFerret Lax is a remedy for hairballs and other obstructions, a must-have for ferret owners. It prevents and treats the formation of hairballs in the intestines and stomach. This internal lubricant works safely and quickly. 4 oz.
    4. Peter's
    Rabbit ProBiotic +
    Peter's Rabbit ProBiotic +Rabbit ProBiotic helps to recondition your rabbit's digestive tract and bring it back to proper natural balance. Also helps to enhance your rabbit's ability to effectively absorb nutrients. 1.7 oz.
    5. Marshall
    Goodbye Odor for Ferrets
    Marshall Goodbye Odor for FerretsMarshall ferret bi-odor contains a patented blend of amino acids and enzymes that work to deodorize your ferrets urine, fecal and body odors internally. Just add bi-odor to your animals food or water supply and within one week you will smell the difference. This completely safe and natural product is the easiest way to reduce odors where they start... Inside your pet.
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    6. Homeopet
    Nose Relief
    No More Nasal Drips for Your Canine HomeoPet Nose Relief is a homeopathic nasal treatment that relieves your canine of all kinds of nasal problems. The liquid comes in a smart dropper bottle for convenient application. HomeoPet Nose Relief Effective against most canine nasal problems 100% natural ingredients Chemical-free liquid Non-sedating and non-addictive Easy to administer The formula helps to control sinus infections, runny nose, frequent sneezing and nasal congestion in dogs. It relieves all symptoms of upper respiratory infection in your dog including red and wet eyes. A Closer Loo
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  • 7. Kordon Oasis
    Wet-Tail Drops
    Kordon Oasis Wet-Tail DropsOasis Wet-Tail Drops are an effective liquid treatment for the condition commonly known as wet tail. Wet tail is a stress induced diarrhea that is very debilitating on the hamster and often fatal. Early diagnosis and intervention is the best course of curative action.These effective drops have the same antibiotic as other leading brands, as well as a palatable orange flavoring. Hamsters love the taste, and consume more treated water, increasing the odds of a successful cure. Safe for use with hamsters of all sizes and types, mice, rats, gerbils and guinea pigs. Oasi
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  • 8. Tomlyn
    Laxatone - Ferret - 2.5 oz
    Vetoquinol Laxatone - Ferret - 2.5 ozVetoquinol Laxatone is a lubricant that aids in the elimination and prevention of hairballs. This gel features a great taste that small animals love.
    9. Marshall
    Ferret Rx
    Marshall Ferret RxFerret Rx is an upper respiratory remedy for ferrets. It aids ferrets with runny noses, head and chest congestion and labored breathing. Natural ingredients work to open nasal passages and increase oxygen flow. 2 fl. oz.
    10. Homeopet
    Bug Bites
    Don't Let Bug Bites Bug Your Dog HomeoPet Bug Bites is a natural and effective formula that helps your canine deal with allergies and skin irritations caused by insect bites. It comes in a smart dropper bottle for convenient use. Either dose it directly into pet's mouth or mix in pet's food or water. HomeoPet Bug Bites Treats most bug bite infections 100% organic ingredients Non-sedating and non-addictive No side effects This liquid formula is quite effective against Allergic Dermatitis caused by bug, bee, ant or flea bites. It cures severe itching problems and heals sores, scabs and reddi
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