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Top 10 best-selling products in Combs & Accessories as voted by Wag.com Million-plus customer base

We've put together Top 10 lists of our best-selling Combs & Accessories products. Wag.com Combs & Accessories include more than 1814 items - from CanineEarth to DERMagic. Everyday Low Prices brought to you by Wag.com. And did we mention our award-winning customer service? We take pride in delighting our customers, and do everything we can to ensure that your experience is hassle-free, fun and rewarding.
1. JW Pet GripSoft
Flea Comb
Flea Comb for Cleaner Coats JW Pet GripSoft Flea Comb is designed to help eliminate flea problems. This comfortable and easy-to-use comb works through your dog's coat to eliminate fleas and flea eggs. It can also remove fine debris and dust, making your pet a lot neater. This flea comb is available in regular and small sizes to suit your convenience. JW Pet GripSoft Flea Comb Helps eliminate fleas and flea eggs Soft grip for easy usage Removes fine debris and dust Can be used on almost any coat JW Pet GripSoft Flea Comb gives pet owners a better way of dealing with flea issues. This comb c
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  • 2. Contech
    Tick Twister Pro
    The Tick TwisterPRO is the safest and easiest way to remove ticks from dogs, cats, horses, and even people. 3 Easy Steps: Hook, Twist, Lift - Completely removes the entire head of the tick, leaving no mouthparts behind
    3. Safari
    Cat Flea Comb
    Comb Away the FleasFor healthy grooming of your cat, you need a good comb to effectively remove fleas and their eggs. The Safari Cat Flea Comb has teeth that are closely spaced together to extract the tiniest of fleas. The comb also has an extended handle for an easy grip. Safari Cat Flea Comb: 100% effective feline flea remover Helps check if your flea control product is working Can easily reach less accessible body parts A Closer Look: The teeth also help in testing the condition of your cat's coat because they can detect dry skin or spot any dermatological problem. Any rash or sore on t
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  • 4. Le Salon Essentials
    Flea Comb
    Rubber Brush for Gentle Coat Cleaning Groom your pet's coat gently with Le Salon Essentials Rubber Slicker Brush, while your pet enjoys the massage given by the grooming tool. The brush is designed with soft rubber bristles to remove dead hair without being harsh on your dog's skin. It can maintain the smoothness of coats with short hair. This brush is available in convenient small and large sizes. Le Salon Essentials Rubber Slicker Brush Soft cleaning action Removes dead hair along with debris Easy-to-hold handle Enjoyable massaging action A Closer Look: Le Salon Essentials
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  • 5. Four Paws
    Ultimate Touch Flea Comb
    Spruce up Your Pet with the Ultimate Touch Flea Comb Flea and tick infestations cause itchiness and irritation in your pet's skin. You can soothe pet skin and maintain a healthy pet coat by using Four Paws Ultimate Touch Flea Comb for removing fleas. Chosen by professional grooming experts, this comb is precisely designed and has a non slip handle for tight grip. Four Paws Ultimate Touch Flea Comb Removes fleas Ergonomically designed Tight grip handle A Closer Look: Molded hardware used to make this comb increase its longevity. The comb also has rubber accents at sensitive press
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  • 6. Pet Naturals of Vermont
    Flea+Tick Repellent Wipes
    Protect is a natural flea and tick repellant formulated by nature. Protect combines Brazilian oils derived from certified forests which act as a natural force field to shield pets from unwanted pests. These oils have been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Amazon forest to keep pests from detecting a desirable sent. Protect contains Lemongrass Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Sesame Oil and Castor Oil.Features include: • A natural repellent to protect your pets
    7. Four Paws
    Ultimate Touch Cat Flea Comb
    Four Paws Ultimate Touch Cat Flea CombFour Paws offers a wide variety of flea combs and many other types of combs for cats.Professional non-slip gripFrom the home of quality pet products!dNeed more information on this product? Click here to ask.
    8. Lentek
    Flea Zapper
    Flee Away FleaGet fleas off with Lentek Flea Zapper comb. With no powders, gels or chemicals, this electronic comb is ideal treatment for your pet's flea troubles. This comb can effectively detect and kill adult fleas. The fleas are zapped the moment this comb comes in contact with your pet's coat, offering instant relief.Lentek Flea ZapperKills fleas on contactWorks on a variety of hair typesInclusive of brushNo matter what your pet's hair type is, this comb gets its job done to the tee.A Closer Look: The Lentek Flea Zapper comb gives out a low electronic charge that is fatal to fleas, but ha
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  • 9. Coastal Pet Safari
    Flea Wood Handle
    Flea Comb Safari Flea Wood Handle is a comb that can be used after using flea shampoos and powders. It helps you detect fleas and flea eggs efficiently while also helping remove nits and other debris. The extended wooden handle of this comb makes handling easier so it's also recommended for professional groomers. Safari Flea Wood Handle: Comb to be used after flea powders and shampoos Helps remove fleas and flea eggs Features a long wooden handle Recommended for professional groomersA Closer Look: Safari Flea Wood Handle also helps monitor the skin condition of your pet. It can detect dry,
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  • 10. Miracle Coat
    Flea Comb - Black
    Miracle Coat Cat Flea Comb safely removes harmful insects such as fleas and ticks.Features include: • With its short, closely space teeth, the flea comb is able to divide individual hairs for tick, flea and flea residue removal• Use this comb regularly to inspect your pet• designed by premium pet care specialists