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Best Air Pumps

Top 10 best-selling products in Air Pumps as voted by Wag.com Million-plus customer base

We've put together Top 10 lists of our best-selling Air Pumps products. MicrobeLift, Bioverse, JWPet - and 58 other brands make our Air Pumps selection extraordinary. We've got great prices, with fantastic everyday values across our range of products. And here's the best part: we deliver everything to your door in 1-2 days for free.
1. Marina
Battery Operated Air Pump
Marina Battery Operated Air PumpThe Marina Battery Operated Air Pump provides auxiliary air when a main air source fails. It's a reliable back-up air source during household electronic power failure, and can also be used as a portable aerator for fish in transit. Comes with air stone and 18" tubing and uses two D cell batteries.
2. Marina
Cool Air Pump
The single outlet Marina Cool Air Pump is ideal for aquariums up to 5.5 gallons. The Marina Cool Air Pump is a reliable source of delivering air for air operated items such as air stones, air curtains, air-actuated ornaments or for adding water movement and turbulence, thus oxygenating any aquarium. The Marina Cool air pump combines high performance output with quiet operation.Features include: • Ideal for aquariums up to 5.5 gallons• Quiet and powerful air pump• Single outlet• Provides more oxygen and airflow to your aquarium
3. JW Pet
Fusion Air Pump
JW Pet Fusion Air PumpSilence is golden. JW Pet Fusion Air Pumps have been designed with this in mind, each featuring a patented baffle system. This series of chambers is interlinked by small openings and not only absorbs sound, making the Fusion Air Pumps amazingly quiet, it also creates pressure as the air is pushed through each small opening. Each pump features an air control knob for precise air flow control. Sizes: Fusion Air Pump 200, Fusion Air Pump 300, Fusion Air Pump 400, Fusion Air Pump 500, Fusion Air Pump 600, Fusion Air Pump 700
4. Penn-Plax
Air-Pod Battery Back Up Air Pump
Penn-Plax Air-Pod Battery Back Up Air PumpThis powerful, everyday air pump features an automatic backup system with approximately 150 hours of battery backup. When power fails, it automatically switches from AC to battery power - even when you're not at home.
5. Marina
Air Pump
Marina Air PumpThe Marina Air Pump combines high performance output with quiet operation. It's a reliable source of air for increasing water movement and turbulence for proper oxygenation, and can also be used to operate items such as air stones, air curtains and air-actuated ornaments.Marine 50 Air Pump: single outlet, ideal for aquariums 5 to 15 gal. (10 to 60 L)Marina 75 Air Pump: single outlet, ideal for aquariums 10 to 25 gal (50 to 100 L)Marina 100 Air Pump: single outlet, ideal for aquariums 20 to 40 gal (75 to 150 L)Marina 200 Air Pump: two outlets, ideal for aquariums 35 to 60 gal (12
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    6. Aqueon
    Super Luft Air Pump
    Aqueon Coralife Super Luft Air PumpThe Coralife Super Luft Air Pump produces a high-pressure output perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors and other high-pressure/high-flow devices. Also suitable for limewood and other airstones, foam filters, corner filters, under-gravel filters, and air-driven ornaments, especially in deep-water applications. Ideal for high-resistance and multiple output applications.
    7. Penn-Plax
    Air-Pod Air Pump
    Penn-Plax Air-Pod Air PumpThe Penn-Plax Air-Pod Air Pump works silently thanks to its noise-cancelling dome. Sleek design.
    8. Penn-Plax
    Penn-Plax Silent-AirWith the Penn-Plax Silent-Air, bubbles go on when your power goes off. This automatic back up system makes sure your fish are safe, even when you're not at home.
    9. AquaClear
    The AquaClear Powerhead is a multifunctional pump that delivers outstanding performance in a variety of applications. It can efficiently drive under-gravel filters, circulate and aerate aquarium water, and attach to filtration accessories such as the AquaClear Quick Filter to support crystal clear water conditions. The Powerhead can be used to raise oxygen levels, which is important when there are increases in water temperature or fish population, as well as during the treatment of disease
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    10. biOrb
    Air Pump - 12V
    biOrb Air PumpSafe, low voltage replacement air pump for all sizes of biOrb aquariums, excluding the Baby biOrb. Specially designed to run quietly.