Pet Medications

How does ordering prescriptions work?
Items featured in Pet Medications on Wag are prescription medications and can only be dispensed and shipped to you by VetSource once your veterinarian provides a valid prescription to their licensed pharmacists. NOTE: Pet Medications currently are only available on our desktop website, not on our mobile-optimized sites or on our mobile apps.

Once your veterinarian has indicated that your pet needs a particular prescription, simply visit Wag and add the necessary items to your shopping cart. When you check out, VetSource will ask you for information about your vet and pet and will contact your vet to obtain the prescription directly from them. A valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship must exist to request medications -- meaning that your veterinarian must know your pet and believe the requested medication is appropriate for your pet for them to approve a prescription.

Once VetSource approves the prescription, their pharmacists will fill and ship out your medications within one business day. In 1-2 days, it'll be at your door.

And if your veterinarian has approved refills, the next time you order that medication, VetSource will ship your product immediately as long as the refills are valid!
Can I email or fax in my prescriptions?
Unfortunately, due to United States Pharmacy regulations, VetSource is not allowed to accept digital copies of pet prescriptions. They can only accept faxes from your veterinarian directly, which is why we ask for your vet's information, allowing the pharmacy to go out and obtain your prescriptions as quickly and safely as possible.

Pharmacy regulations do allow you to send in a hard copy of the prescription signed by your veterinarian through physical mail, and the pharmacy will happily accept them -- but it's generally much faster and easier if the pharmacy obtains the prescriptions for you.

If you'd like to mail in your prescriptions, please send them to:

VetSource Home Delivery Pharmacy
17014 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR, 97230
Will my pet meds orders arrive 1-2 days after I place them?
For new orders without existing prescriptions, VetSource's pharmacists need to obtain the approved medical prescription from your veterinarian. This process is highly dependent on how fast your vet is able to get back to them, but generally always takes more than a day as they're very busy caring for pets like yours. If you'd like, you can help speed the process by calling your vet, but VetSource's pharmacists do their best to contact your vet as quickly as possible. Once the prescription is approved, VetSource will have your medications out the door within one business day and shipped to you with the same 1-2 day shipping you enjoy with the rest of your orders.

Weekend orders will generally have their prescriptions reviewed on Monday, and shipped once the prescription is approved.

For orders with authorized refills, VetSource ships those medications out rapidly and you can expect them within 1-2 days.
What happens to my non-prescription items?
You'll enjoy the same rapid shipping on all non-prescription items from our family of sites even if VetSource needs to wait for your vet to authorize a prescription for the pharmaceutical part of your order.

Non-prescription items will ship immediately from our warehouses and the prescription items will ship separately from the VetSource pharmacy once they obtain approval from your vet.
Canceling or Changing an Order
We hate to start every sentence with "Due to pharmacy regulation," but, well, due to pharmacy regulations pharmacies can't legally accept returns for most prescription items. If you do have a problem with your order, VetSource will be happy to go out of their way to fix it. Hill's Prescription Diet products can be returned.

If you have placed an order and it hasn't yet been approved by your veterinarian, you can cancel that order using the (D.I.Y.) Returns Tool or by giving us a call. Bottom line, if you have issues, don't be afraid to call!
Is this safe and where is the pharmacy?
Wag has joined forces with VetSource, a fully accredited, Vet-VIPPS certified national pharmacy located outside Portland, Oregon to fill prescription orders on Wag. Wag itself has earned the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy e-Advertiser certification. VetSource has set a regulatory standard in the veterinary industry for the proper handling and dispensing of pet related medications and is fully licensed in all 50 states. Prescription requests are subject to a drug utilization review by a licensed pharmacist at VetSource to ensure the highest safety for your pets.

Unlike the other major online pharmacies you may know of, VetSource is also one of the only major pharmacies that partners with your Vet. Because of this structure, VetSource is one of the only major online pet pharmacies that buys medications safely & directly from the pharmaceutical companies. All Medications are FDA/EPA approved and licensed to be sold in the US, never from foreign sources.
What do I do if my order is denied?
If your veterinarian has denied your prescription request, it could be for a number of reasons. VetSource will reproduce the information your vet has provided as to why, but generally it's simply because your vet needs to see your pet before they feel comfortable writing the prescription. In some cases, the medication may not be appropriate for your pet and the best course of action is to bring your pet into their clinic. Your credit card will never be charged until the prescription is approved by your vet!
Can orders be shipped outside of the US?
Prescription products can only ship to the contiguous 48 U.S. states. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, APO/FPO addresses, P.O. boxes, or international destinations.
Disposing of unused medications
Any medications, prescription or over the counter, that are no longer needed should be disposed of safely and properly. Please follow these FDA guidelines for proper disposal.
Is Wag a licensed pharmacy?
No. Wag, in itself, is not a pharmacy. Through our relationship with VetSource, we're able to display the medications you need, and have them fulfilled and delivered through VetSource, which is a fully licensed pharmacy that has also received a full Vet-VIPPS certification from the National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) has approved Wag as an Internet advertiser of prescription drug-related servicesthrough its e-Advertiser Approval Program.
What does the Rx symbol mean?
Items with product images featuring the Rx symbol are prescription medications that require a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship. For any item with this symbol, VetSource will need to obtain a valid prescription from your veterinarian before they can ship the item to you.

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