Play Time with Pooch: Buying Toys for Your Dog

Playing with your dog is an essential activity for building your relationship and keeping him active. But when it comes to dog toys, one size doesn't fit all. Just the same as you wouldn't give a toddler and teenager the same toys, your dogs want and need different toys at different ages. As they grow, your dog will need different toys to suit the developmental stage, as well as help them progress physically and mentally.

  1. Your new puppy is excited and inquisitive. Keep them entertained and help their mind develop with an interactive toy, like a challenging puzzle that they can try and pull a treat from. A new puppy might also like to snuggle up with a plush stuffed animal, as they get used to sleeping apart from their mother.
  2. A puppy that is a few months old is starting to teethe. Help their teeth grow strong by giving them plenty to gnaw on. They'll love chew toys, which have the added benefit of preventing them from chewing up your shoes. They might also like to chew and play tug of war with a rope toy. Tug of war is also a great way for you to spend time and bond with your puppy. When playing with plush toys, keep an eye out to be sure they doesn't chew off or swallow any pieces or stuffing.
  3. By a year old, your fully-grown dog will have tons of energy and want to run after discs and anything else you can throw their way. They'll love toss toys and balls to run after in the backyard or in the park. These toys will keep your dog active and exploring, and also serve double duty by keeping you on your feet as well.
  4. Your older dog is calmer and their body is aging, but they'll still like to chase after balls, albeit a bit more slowly. Running around with you is a great way to keep them fit, active, and healthy. They'll tire more easily, though, so you can also keep their mind active with games and other interactive toys.
  5. Through all stages of life, toys are a great way to keep your dog happy, healthy, and fully entertained. Each dog is different, and will have different preferences, so try out a few different toys until you find the one that really gets your dog's tail wagging.