cat toys

Keep Your Cat Active and Engaged with Fun Toys

Even if they like to sleep in your bed and cuddle in the mornings, your cat still has the instincts of a hunter. Cats have an internal drive to engage in some of the activities they would in the wild. Without outlets to explore those instincts, your cat could become stressed and anxious, and even develop behavioral problems. Cats become bored and sluggish without regular mental and physical activity, so playing with various toys is a great way to engage your cat in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Teasers and wands are easy for you to wield, and they let your cat stalk, run and pounce to their heart's content. They're a simple but effective way to engage their hunter's skills in a safe and fun way. Keep a wand dancing in the living room or kitchen for a simple activity while you cook, talk on the phone, or work around the house.
  2. With more room to play, send a ball rolling. Your cat can chase and bat it, and you can engage as often or as little as you'd like. Send the ball around corners or under furniture for a dynamic kitty workout. This type of play is also great for allowing your cat to explore all of the nooks and crannies of their surroundings.
  3. Batting around a soft plush toy is a great way for your cat to hone their hunter's skills without worrying about damage to other objects in your home. The colors and sounds of these plush toys are also engaging for your cat, and help to keep their mind sharp and curious.
  4. If you can't play with your cat as often as you'd like, there are plenty of independent play toys that your cat can use anytime that they please. These toys are a great way for your cat to keep busy during the workday, or for your cat to use when you're otherwise engaged at home.
  5. A busy cat is a happy cat, and a toy is a great way to keep your cat energetic and sharp. Toys help you bond with your cat in a productive way. Each cat is different, and will have different preferences, so try out a few different toys until you find the one that really makes your cat's ears prick up.