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How to Choose the Perfect Food for Your Cat's Health

The food choices you make for yourself are important for your general health and wellness. Paying attention to what you're eating is critical, especially if you have specific health concerns. The same holds true for the food choices you make for your cat. And, just like humans, every cat has different wants and needs for his diet. There are a wide variety of cat food options, so here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for dinner for your furry friend.

  1. If you're worried about obesity, try wet or canned food. Dry food contains more carbohydrates than wet foods, and a cat can quickly put on extra pounds if they're not physically active. Also, they will benefit from planned and measured meals, as opposed to food left out that allows them to graze throughout the day. If your cat tends to be a couch potato, consider switching to wet food to keep her lean and healthy.
  2. For extra hydration, try wet or canned food. The high water content in canned food is much closer to what a wild cat would get from hunted food, so cats that eat dry food need to supplement their diet with more drinking water. If you serve your cat a dry food, keep an eye on their water intake to make sure they're getting enough.
  3. For your older cat, try wet food. If your cat is getting up in age and losing their sense of smell, the rich scent of canned food tends to be most appealing. Wet food is also easier on older teeth and jaws—crunching through dry kibble can be painful and difficult as your cat gets up in years.
  4. If you need a quick and convenient option, dry food is a good bet. It can be left out for as long as you need, and your cat can come and snack as they please. Just keep an eye on it, and make sure your cat isn't over eating.
  5. If your cat has a specific health problem, your vet might prescribe a prescription cat food to treat it. Prescription food can help everything from obesity to kidney problems, and your vet can help you figure out which option is best for your cat.
  6. And finally—for the very good cat—toss in a few treats throughout the day to show your affection for your kitty.

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