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How to Buy the Best Bird Food

While many pets get right down to business when it's time to eat, birds enjoy playing with their food. When you give a bird its daily meal, not only are you providing them with essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals, but you're giving them a bit of entertainment as well. Your bird's dining options are far from limited—here are a few products that can play important roles in a bird's diet.

Blends: Blends are the most common and efficient way to regularly get your pet bird the nutrition they need. A blend does most of the work for you, putting together the disparate dietary elements that are all essential to your bird. ZuPreem FruitBlends (for large, medium, or small birds) look like a kid's cereal, and will give your bird the same childlike joy while being good for their health. FruitBlend contains 21 vitamins and minerals. If you prefer your birds to be eating a strictly natural diet, ZuPreem Natural Bird Food contains fresh fruit, vegetables, wheat, and corn.

Seeds: While some are under the impression that a healthy bird diet can consist entirely of seeds, this is untrue. There are many different types of birdseeds, but no single one—or even combination—can provide all the nutrition they need, especially protein. This doesn't mean you shouldn't feed your bird seeds, it just means you shouldn't feed them exclusively seeds. A great way to incorporate seeds is in a mix. The Sunseed Parrot Mix, for example, delivers fiber, fat, and protein to your parrot's diet with a combination of ingredients that includes sunflower seeds alongside peanuts and oats. A food as complex as this can be your bird's daily meal.

Treats: One of the best parts of being a pet owner is surprising your animal with a well-deserved treat. While no bird treat is iconic as, say, a bone-shaped dog snack, that doesn't mean they don't exist. The best part is that most bird treats offer a specific dietary benefit. Penn-Plax's cuttlebone not only pleases your bird with flavors like banana and berry, it is also a source of calcium and minerals that strengthen your bird's skeleton. Kaytee's Fiesta Bird Treat will not only make your bird hop with joy, but also will help keep its plumage healthy and gleaming.

With so much of your pet-nourishing duties done for you by blends, mixes, and treats that take all of your bird's health needs into account, shopping for bird food is a breeze.