flea and tick

Cat Flea Medicine to Keep the Pests Away

No one wants likes the idea of fleas. So how do you make sure you take every step to protect your kitty from getting the same bothersome bugs? Consider some feline flea prevention products for your cat and your home. Even if your cat is the one with the fleas, investing in these precautions will help to stop the nasty critters from disturbing your pet, your home, and your family. (It's important to consult with your vet before trying any of these products. Cats need to be a certain age or weight before some of these options can be safely used.)

Protect Your Cat

  1. Spot-on treatments are an effective way to combat fleas on your feline. By weakening fleas' nervous systems, these monthly treatments applied to your cat's neck and back area kill fleas and prevent their reproduction—with no discomfort to your pet.
  2. Cat collars are another option for protecting your cat against fleas. Lasting several months, these collars release a medication that will kill fleas and ticks on contact before they can even bite. The collars especially protect your cat's neck and face—spots vulnerable to flea and tick bites. Additionally, some collars act as reflectors, providing an additional safety measure if your cat is one to roam around late at night.
  3. In addition to a spot on treatment or cat collar, consider using a spray or wipes on your cat. Sprays kill and repel fleas on your cat—just make sure your cat isn't sensitive to the product's ingredients. Wipes work solely as a repellent, allowing you to cover the trickier spots on your cat. They are particularly useful if you're traveling or know your cat will be in flea or tick-abundant areas.

Protect Your House

If your cat has fleas, you've already gone through the arduous process of cleaning the house from top to bottom. Or perhaps you just want to put up extra defenses against fleas in your home. Either way, consider giving your house a boost with a spray. Non-toxic, non-staining, and natural, these sprays work to kill fleas on contact and to deter them from lodging in your house in the first place. Many of these sprays work indoors and outdoors—on bedding, upholstery, wood, carpeting, and more. Even better, some are safe to use on your pets as well.