Feeding Accessories

Finding the Best Dog Feeders for Your Pet

Man may be dog’s best friend, but food runs a close second. Your dog probably already loves food no matter how it is served, but dinnertime is always more enjoyable when complete with the right dishware. Here are some tips for purchasing the best type of feeder to make your pet love chow time even more.

For a messy eater, try a lead-free < a href="https://www.wag.com/subcat=Bowls-10162?rf-Type=Ceramic">ceramic bowl. Dishwasher-safe and often painted with decorative designs, these heavy bowls are less likely to move around as your dog enjoys their food. A stainless steel bowl with a rubber bottom similarly stops the bowl from moving. Additionally, stainless steel bowls are durable and are bacteria resistent. For longhaired beauties that cannot help getting their ears dirty or wet when they eat and drink, focus on choosing a deep and narrow bowl. For small-snouted friends, stick with shallow bowls, allowing easier access to their food.

For an elderly pet, consider an elevated bowl. Arthritis, stiff joints, and neck and back problems are only aggravated when your pet has to lean far down multiple times a day just to eat or drink. By reinforcing better posture, elevated bowls allow dogs to more easily swallow and digest their food, making for healthier eating habits—whether your dog is young or old. Clean up is easy because with better swallowing, your dog will drop less pieces of food. Further, your dog cannot move around his dish while he eats and make a mess. Additionally, if you have a cat with a habit of playing in your dog’s water bowl, these taller bowls will discourage him.

For a homebody, think about some automated options. If your dog holds down the fort while you are at work, feeders allow both you and your pet independence. With its hassle-free filtration system, a waterer gives your pet clean water and reduces spillage. An automatic feeder can dole out portion-controlled meals, perfect to keep your pet fed and happy while you are away.

For a traveler, invest in a portable water bottle. Easy to carry and complete with a built-in bowl, this bottle will keep your dog hydrated on long walks or car rides. A collapsible dog bowl allows your dog to eat and drink on the go—and allows you the convenience of storing it in your bag or car console.