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Dog Collars. The Many Features of Collars and Leashes

Taking your dog for a walk: That’s how canines get the majority of their exercise. And for many dog lovers, it’s a daily routine and a cherished bonding activity. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to consider the only tools you need to walk your dog— a leash and a collar. Compared to other pet care products, purchasing leashes and collars is pretty straightforward. But there are still a few factors to think about.

If you want precise control, consider a retractable leash. Depending on where you’re walking your dog, you’ll want it to have varying degrees of freedom. A crowded city street necessitates keeping your dog close. A nature trail allows your pup more room to roam. A retractable leash is also a good tool for controlling your dog if she is excitable around other animals. Retractable leashes offer a graspable handle and greater length than most standard leashes.

If you walk at night, consider a reflective or LED leash or collar. If you are someone who bikes at night, you know that a reflector catches the attention of oncoming cars. A reflective leash gives you the same peace of mind for nighttime walks. Even brighter are LED leashes, which virtually guarantee that you’ll be seen, whether a car’s lights are trained on you or not. Visible up to 1,000 feet in the dark, an LED leash makes you more noticeable than you are during the day.

If your dog has trouble breathing, consider a harness instead of a collar. There are several dog breeds whose sensitive breathing situations are exacerbated by wearing a collar with a leash. Restricting pugs’ airways, for example, can cause them difficulty. Excessive pressure on a Pomeranian’s neck can lead to a collapsed trachea. Unlike collars, harnesses distribute the pressure of a leash evenly throughout a dog’s body.

If you walk multiple dogs, consider double leashes. Walking a few dogs at once is difficult enough, and the last thing you need is to be juggling several leashes in your hands. If you’ve got a whole pack of dogs, three-way couplers allow you to walk up to three dogs with just one leash.