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Protect Your Dog from Harsh Weather with Dog Clothes

Clothes are a way for you to express your dog's personality and protect them from inclement weather, particularly in the winter months. You wouldn't head outside into freezing or snowy conditions without the proper apparel, and neither should your dog. Clothes are also great protection from heat, rocks, rain, sleet, and any other environmental factors that your dog could run into.

  1. Keep your dog's sensitive paws safe from cold, ice, and salt with paw protection. Even big dogs with thick coats can get frozen paws in the winter, so keep a dog of any size snug and warm with boots or socks. Paw protection also keeps salt and other snowmelt chemicals from irritating your dog, and provide traction on ice or other slippery conditions. Boots aren't just for winter months, though—they can keep your dog walking happily on hot summer pavement, and keep gravel and sand from cutting up their paws on long fall hikes.
  2. If your dog is shivering and sticking close to the fire or radiator, wrap them up tight in a sweater. Small and shorthaired dogs are particularly susceptible to the cold, so make sure you have a sweater on hand if your dog fits those descriptions. But keep a close eye for signs of overheating, like excessive panting, pulling at the sweater, or other discomfort. If your dog is particularly active and starts to overheat, pull it off and give him a chance to cool down.
  3. For canoe, kayak, and other boat trips, make sure your dog is protected with a life vest. Even a strong swimmer can get swept up in lake or ocean waves, and a life vest gives you peace of mind.
  4. Keep a coat handy for walks in unpleasant weather, be it snow, rain or wind. If your dog has short legs, coats can also help to keep snow from rubbing up on their belly. Ponchos and raincoats can be folded to keep handy if rain threatens, and keep a fleece or furry jacket ready for when the temperature drops.
  5. And no Halloween is complete without a matching costume for your furry partner in crime.