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The Bird Supplies You Need to Keep your Pet Bird Happy and Healthy

Want to make sure you have all the essentials for your pet bird? Never fear. We've got your covered.

Cages: Unless you’re planning on giving your new pet bird its own bedroom, the very first thing that you should buy for it is its cage. In fact, you should buy the cage before the bird—after all, you’ll need somewhere to put it right away.

First, decide where in the house you’re going to put the cage. To give the bird a sense of perspective in its surroundings, one side of the cage should be against a wall. Don’t put it in a corner, however, as you don’t want your pet feeling claustrophobic. Find an area of your house that receives a good amount of foot traffic and put your cage there—birds like interacting with people and, without doing so, can grow lonely like the rest of us.

Once you’ve picked a location, you can pick out a cage. Depending on how you want to situate your bird, you can get a cage that stands on the ground or hangs from the ceiling. If you feel as if your bird might want some fancier real estate, you can even gift it a classic Victorian home. If you have multiple birds to house, well, there are cages for that, too. And if you anticipate traveling with your bird, a travel cage is a must-buy.

One final—and important—tip for buying a cage: Make sure the bars are spaced tightly enough to contain your pet. If you buy a cage intended for a bird larger than your own, you may soon have a runaway (flyaway?) bird to search for.

Food: Most bird foods are relatively similar, but choosing food for a bird isn’t as easy as buying flakes for a goldfish.

The most common way to feed a pet bird is with blends. Blends, which are individually optimized for birds of varying sizes, combine every single necessary element of a bird’s diet into one easy-to-serve item. There are a wide variety of blends available on the market, including all-natural blends.

When many people think of bird food, they think of seeds. While seeds are insufficient to fulfill all of a bird’s nutritional needs, a nice seed blend can serve as a great dietary supplement or snack. Seeds provide protein, and eating them is a particularly interactive and engaging dining experience for birds.

Everyone knows the best part of having a pet is making its eyes light up with an unexpected treat, and having a bird is no different. Treats are also a great way of sneaking some extra nutrition into your pet’s diet. For birds, that can mean anything from calcium in a cuttlebone to the Fiesta Bird Treat.

Extras: Food and shelter are the basics, but there are plenty of other products out there that you’ll need to take care of a bird.

  1. Cage cleaners and liners make sure your bird has a sanitary living environment and keep things smelling fresh.
  2. Food bowls that attach directly to cages make it easy for you to feed your bird, and easy for your bird to access its food.
  3. Toys, like this shreddable cube from Jungle Talk, keep your bird’s brain sharp and prevents it from getting bored. Cage life can get a little slow without regular activity, after all.