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Clear the Waters with the Right Aquarium Filter

The most important part of any aquarium is the filter, as it's the most reliable tool for keeping your fish's home clean and healthy. Not only do aquarium filters rid your tank of harmful pollutants, but they can also help your tank develop a thriving population of helpful bacteria, which will naturally aid the filtration process. Filters will reduce the frequency with which you have to manually clean the tank, while helping the ecosystem in your aquarium flourish.

Power filters are the most popular type of filter. They hang off the back of your aquarium and pollutants are mechanically filtered. If you own a power filter, just be sure to stock up on filter cartridges as well, which should be replaced every couple of weeks. Cartridges with activated carbon will absorb any pollutants in the tank and even help eliminate odor.

How do you know if your aquarium filter is working? The most important work the filter does isn't noticeable to the naked human eye. Your tank could still appear cloudy even with the best of filtration systems. A number of factors could contribute to murky water, but you could try a liquid water clarifier. A few drops a day may be all you need to clear things up. The best way to know if your filter is working properly is to examine your fish! If they seem healthy and happy, then chances are their environment is in tiptop shape as well.

Some other things to keep in mind when choosing an aquarium filter.

  1. Regarding tank size, the strength of filter you need varies depending on how many gallons are in your tank.
  2. Keep in mind that some filters make whirring mechanical noises, so if you keep your aquarium in a place like your bedroom, you may want to consider a silent filter model.
  3. And a final reminder, it's still important to change the water in your tank frequently, even with a filter in place. Replacing about 25% of the aquarium's water each week will keep things in your tank going swimmingly.