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Penn Plax

  • Penn-Plax  Water World Deluxe Aquarium Kit

  • Penn-Plax  Brooklyn Bridge

  • Penn-Plax  Bird Activity Center

    Penn-Plax Bird Activity Center

    $19.49 - $24.29

    on orders $49+
  • Penn-Plax  Split Shipwreck

  • Penn-Plax  Brooklyn Bridge L-Side -

  • Penn-Plax  Driftwood Gardens

  • Penn-Plax  Squidward's Easter Island Home

  • Penn-Plax  Diving Sea-Dog

  • Penn-Plax  Skeleton at the Wheel

  • Penn-Plax  Tropical Clam

    Penn-Plax Tropical Clam


    on orders $49+
  • Penn-Plax  Resin Ornament Cactus Hide-Away

  • Penn-Plax  Resin Ornament Cactus Hide-Away

  • Penn-Plax  Treasure Chest

  • Penn-Plax  SpongeBob Square Tank Aquarium Kit

  • Penn-Plax  Add-A-Stone

    Penn-Plax Add-A-Stone

    $3.79 - $4.49

    on orders $49+
  • Penn-Plax  Dora's House

    Penn-Plax Dora's House


    on orders $49+
  • Penn-Plax  Penn-Plax Pro-Z

    Penn-Plax Penn-Plax Pro-Z

    $13.79 - $21.79
    $8.49 - $13.39

    on orders $49+
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