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Taste of the Wild premium pet food provides a well-balanced diet to support active, healthy dogs and cats. Formulated to satisfy your pet's instinctual cravings for food found in the wild, this 100% grain-free product line contains quality ingredients like delicious roasted meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Promoting optimal health for all life stages, each wet and dry variety is packed with animal proteins, antioxidants and supplements.

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Taste of the Wild gives your pet the balanced diet that nature intended. Promoting optimal health for all life stages, each variety is packed with roasted meats, fresh fruits and supplements. From puppies and kittens to senior dogs, your pet will enjoy the great taste of premium, grain-free nutrition. Each Taste of the Wild formula includes fatty acids for healthy skin and shiny coats.
Plus wholesome, flavorful and highly-digestible protein sources like roasted bison, venison, lamb, and salmon create strong muscles and healthy digestive systems. Each recipe delivers grain-free nutrition and also includes targeted antioxidants to help fortify your pets’ immunity. Pets crave Taste of the Wild, so go ahead and give them some.