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Canidae holistic pet food provides optimal nutrition for each stage of your dog’s life. From their super fortified Platinum line and All Life Stages variety to a just-for-seniors formula, the brand is known for their natural, premium ingredients and tasty whole meats. Dry and canned recipes include targeted, digestible nutrients for feel-good mealtimes.

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Holistic ingredients, specialized formulas and great-tasting recipes are trademarks of Canidae dog food. The natural product line includes a diet for every stage of your dog’s life. Dry or canned, varieties are made with dense whole meats, vegetables and essential vitamins. Developed to support healthy, active dogs, Canidae’s offering includes grain-free meals and diets for sensitive tummies.
For pets with greater nutritional needs, try the super fortified Platinum line. Love a lustrous, shiny coat? Fatty acids and conditioners are in every hormone and antibiotic-free formula. What’s more, all formulas are made in the USA and processed in a human-grade facility to ensure digestible nutrients. A brand for purists, Canidae doesn’t add corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions or fillers to their AAFCO approved lineup.